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, danny campbell, berg knee [speaker not understood], dr. ed kirsch, benjamin arnie and [speaker not understood]. next speaker. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. john grass man with [speaker not understood] the san francisco [speaker not understood] consortium. on behalf of our 11 community nonprofit health centers, seeing 97,000 patients in san francisco, we want to thank you and congratulate you on this agreement. i have been asked by our board of directors who are executive directors of the clinics to tell you that we unequivocally stand by our commitment to see the 1500 patients from the tenderloin and the 5,900 patients that cpmc will take from the medi-cal population. we pledge our commitment and support to continue to expand health care with the department of public health and affordable care act. we look forward, we thank you for your work and we'll be working with you in the future. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. bernie? >>> age before beauty. anyway, i'm with san francisco tomorrow and i'm here standing nimby. i wish to commend the consensus that have got in effe
like to thank ms. campbell and [inaudible] for all the work we did together on putting this together. the plan itself highlights key financial issues specifically drivers of any gaps between revenues and expenditures and then monitors our overall progress on the city's structural deficit. as you'll also remember, the five-year plan, it requires that we both present what that gap is and then propose financial strategies about how to eliminate the gap between revenues and expenditures. so, what i thought i would do is kind of walk through some high level assumption and then talk about in more detail about what's going on in the five-year financial outlook, so the plan itself assumes the budget that was adopted last year for 13-14 as the base case in most scenarios, so that means things like our capital funding is assumed at the level that it was adopted in the budget last year, inflation on materials and supplies on grants to non-profits that's assumed at the level it was adopted last year, the one major difference that i would highlight for you now and i'll mention it again later is h
, eric brooks, michael raisin, danny campbell, and howard wong. >>> commissioners, ron miguel. i'd like to thank the supervisor for the outreach made. i was at attendance at a number of the meetings. it was outreached to a large variety of both supporters and those in opposition and those who were before you when this subject came up to you before. i think it was thorough. i think it was well attended. and i think it was well listened to, particularly as the supervisor just told you, there have been at least 34 changes since it was originally involved. i have been reading legislation of one type or another since the late '50s when i was a lobbyist in sacramento. and then involved in c-e-q-a and nepa situations, 16 years as president of par, and been with the housing action coalition and, of course, when i was on the other side of the podium. one of the problems is clarity and certainty, and no one knows particularly when it deals with cad x's and negative declarations where that certainty is, and there absolutely has been no clarity. regardless of what you may have heard from some membe
-- >> thank you. thank you. >>> good evening, president fong, commissioners, secretary ionin. danny campbell with the sheet metal workers local union 104. first, i must make it absolutely clear that sheet metal workers local 104 stands with the rest of organized labor e the environmental community and affordable housing advocates in opposition to the efforts in sacramento to destroy c-e-q-a. it's unfortunate that supervisor wiener's much needed ordinance has undeservedly been caught up in this debate. i'm here tonight to offer our support for supervisor wiener's proposed ordinance. it's reasonable that san francisco's implementation of c-e-q-a will, with the passage of this ordinance, become more in line with the practice of other jurisdictions throughout the state. and finally, i just want to wish everybody a happy st. patrick's day. as you know, this sunday is st. patrick's day. so, happy st. patrick's day to everybody. thank you. >> thank you. >>> howard wong with san francisco tomorrow. several days before last thanksgiving the c-e-q-a legislation that's introduced, it was to be brought
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)